​Care of your Item:
Your item was created with care and precision, however, it will take some upkeep by you for it to continue to last forever!

Treat your item as if it were a fine piece of furniture. It was created to be used, not abused. If it is made out of wood, treat it with a light coat of furniture paste wax that is formulated for wood. Wipe it down with wax, let it dry and buff with a soft cloth.

For acrylic items, you can apply a light coat of plastic polish, let dry and buff with a soft cloth. A good quality rubbing compound can buff out any small scratches on the material.

Wood will continue to react to the environment, and will do so in different ways than the parts it was mated with. The wood should be kept out of direct sunlight inasmuch as it could cause your item to fade.

The acrylics are man-made and are more tolerant to extremes in temperature, and therefore more stable.
HOWEVER, do not drop your item as it is more brittle and may break or crack.